Want to attract more traffic? Here’s what to do…

Blogging has become a significant part of the social media society. Whereas before, blogging seemed to be only for the news reporters or the famous, successful business conglomerates. Now, blogging is an essential part of even the amateurs in the digital information age we now live in.

Blogging is a way for a person to express their own opinion’s, experiences and feelings no matter what anyone else has to say. It’s a way to share your views with the world. It is also an avenue that can highlight your many possible talents for writing. If you love to write, you need to blog. 


I didn’t think I could write, but when I started blogging; posting my first poem, the feedback I had was of great significance. Consequently, this boosted my confidence and I’ve been writing ever since! Maybe that’s the same for you.

However, blogging is not as simple or as easy as it looks. Yes, it’s all well and good to write something but there’s no point writing something nobody is going to read. Wouldn’t you agree?

If you’re someone like me; who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps at their computer, you come to realize a lot of new ways to improve your blog or website. And being a fast-typist, well… research becomes easy.


Sometimes it feels like I’m typing this fast. That’s what happens when you’re always at your computer. I mainly just love the sound the keys make when I type fast. It feels like I’m doing something productive like working in an office or being a receptionist.

I was going through a discouraged stage when I didn’t know why my website was just not popular anymore. I would have peaks in my stats results, where the traffic was blooming and then all of a sudden it went straight downhill the next day. What was happening? What was I doing wrong?

Here’s a few things you need to do in order to increase traffic to your blog…

1. Write, Write, WRITE!

I often thought that even if I didn’t publish a post daily, that my website will still have visitors. It did, the odd one or few but it wasn’t enough for me. I realized that I have to constantly publish posts.

Think of new topics everyday and write about all of them. Keep up-to-date with this and you should see a change in your traffic results.

2. Create a posts calendar.

I never fully understood the schedule option for posts or I just never bothered with it because when I wrote something, I just automatically thought now is the time to publish it, right? Wrong.

If you publish more than one post in a day, this will be too much for anyone to take in. One a day is more than enough as long as it’s every day. Write 2 posts in a day; publish one, schedule the other. If you have a website with WordPress.org, they have a plugin for a posts calendar; however, that is not the case for WordPress.com. Nonetheless, you can still schedule posts. If you want to have a visual posts calendar, I suggest creating one via multiple calendar apps to help you or write them down in your own personal calendar. Which ever one suits you best.

When scheduling posts, experiment first. Schedule a post for a specific time every day. If you get a lot of views, then it’s the right time. If not, change the time for the next post. If visitors came at a later time, change it to a later time and vice versa. Blogging is all about experimenting.

3. Visit, follow and comment on other people’s blogs.

Blogging is all about people and community. You have to be able to find time to not only publish new posts for your own personal website/blog, but you also have to find time to view other people’s work. Sharing is caring! Read other posts, follow their blogs and always, always comment your thoughts. People love to hear constructive criticism and feedback on something they’ve written; it develops them for a later time and it’s also a lesson to be learnt.

4. If you don’t know what to write about, seek help.

Sometimes it can be daunting when you have to think of a new thing to write about every day. Don’t worry, the internet is a huge market for finding out new topics to blog on. I researched until I found what I was looking for. If you are also seeking help to write posts for a company blog, you can also research that too. Google knows everything! Just type, “blog ideas for a company” or “topics to write about on my personal blog”. Pinterest also has a drastic amount of suggestions for blogging. If you haven’t already signed up to Pinterest, I think you should now. It’s not only useful for blogging tips, but also new cooking ideas, house tips etc.

Maybe this will help you: 365-days-of-writing-prompts-1387477491.

5. Always have your website/blog on your mind.

If you forget about writing or updating your website; then it’s not really a priority or maybe you’re just too busy to do everything or think about everything all at once. Like me, I forget things easily. So everything I want or plan to do, I write it down in my diary so that I remember.

If you know that writing is a passion, always wake up with it on your mind. That way you know that you’re serious about making this blogging thing work.


If you’ve ever had to study at school or university, writing becomes second nature. Apply everything you learnt in your studies to your blogging and it’ll work out!

6. Don’t go a day without posting something new. Regular posting means constant traffic.

You have to post everyday; it sounds exhausting, but you’ll get used to it. It’s the same with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. In order to be famous or noticed on these social networks, you have to constantly post updates. It’s the same with blogging. In order to have a constant flow of traffic, you have to be posting regularly. That is why the scheduling option comes in handy for someone who has to post daily.

As mentioned earlier: write 2 posts in a day; publish one and schedule the other. Continually do this and you’ll be fine.

7. Presentation is key!

We are attracted to things by the eye. If it doesn’t look good, chances are we will look away. Present your blog/website in a professional manner. Have people be excited by your presentation, that they want to look over your website and see more. Have a responsive theme so that your visitors don’t have to be at a laptop to see it but they can also be on their tablets or phones.

8. Be social media savvy and tell everyone!

Sign up to every social media possible!

Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. These are all platforms that WordPress auto-publishes your posts to. If your posts are out there in the world, people will see it.

So not only is your website getting exposed on Twitter and Facebook but tell people about it as well. Tell your close friends, tell your family and even tell employers if you are seeking for a job. Show that you have an online presence and that one of your hobbies is blogging/writing; maybe they’ll have a position for you to do what you love.

If you master all of these things…


Happy blogging!

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