The Church Has Got It Wrong

A Letter to The Church,

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By means of recent situations, my eyes have been opened. It’s come to my attention that the things of old, that which is the ‘norm’ is no longer beneficial. It’s mundane and futile. Why? Because the church is not progressing but rather stagnant. Fluctuations in attendance of church members proves this. Before your eyes, at your own altar; people are disappearing, like flies that travel too fast between their realm and ours that we cannot even see or know where or why they went.Pay attention to the signs. The same signs that proves that Christ’s second-coming is near thus take heed to the signs in the church, not of arrivals but of departures.

Listen, to the words of a child who has been discouraged to go on; to a girl who has been put off by the false encouragement and pretense words of supposed ‘role-models’; to a woman who is spoken to by others who cannot speak with love or humility.

  1. LOVE COVERS a multitude of SIN.

Nobody is perfect but the Church is Christ’s body, thus we are expected to act as one. Please feel. When your sister or brother has lost all hope to continue pushing; please, feel. When a sister or brother are no longer motivated to go to church; please, talk. When a sister or brother is not bothered with anything related to God or His teachings; please, notice. Feel when I cry. Feel when I’m in pain. Feel when I’m fed up. And…

Feel when I’m gone. Not because of what you’ve lost but just because I’m gone.

Irrespective of who you are: Pastor, Bishop, Minister or Evangelist; we have ALL fallen short of His glory. Can you preach to a prostitue in your golden garments and unstained robes? Is it possible for a fornicator to approach you and confess all, expose all without the turning of the head, frowning of the face and screw of the mouth in disgust and shame? What about a porn/masturbation addict? Would you turn them away just because you don’t agree or because you don’t know how to handle something different?

      2. God is NO respector of persons. If I bleed? You bleed.

The Church is supposed to be a hospital; a place of refuge and safety. A place where I can trust that the doctors, physicians, surgeons and nurses can operate on me; I can entrust my life into their hands, being at peace, because it’s their specialty. Lately, it’s become a place of judgement and restriction. Operate on me, now? I don’t know if I trust you anymore. Contradictory behaviors and perverse actions confuse the minds of onlookers and outsiders as to whether we are Christians or Sinners.

I look up to you. So please make sure as I admire, there’s something worth being. I’m still waiting to see it.

As a Church; we have got it wrong.

Quick to preach and bible bash scriptures in my conscious that acts as a drug; conceals the pain for the duration of your sermon but passes as soon as Monday comes. Yet resistant to spend time in the dirt and grovel in the pain I do daily. You refuse to get to know me outside of the congregational building but expect to see me in and amongst the brethren. How can you help me, how can you love me (which you say you do); if you don’t speak on my level? If you don’t converse with me to the grade of my understanding, who does it benefit?

Nobody wants to go down in the pit to help a brother up. To step on the scorpions, snakes, rats and vermin that camoflage themselves in the dirt I live in. To fight together the pests that feast on the energy of my soul and socialise in the darkness of my mind. To discuss that which torments my thoughts and destroys my hearts spirit on a regular basis.

Nobody wants to get their hands… dirty. I would rather you tell me openly what I am doing wrong, than to greet me in service, say you love me but don’t know anything about me or what I’m dealing with. How can you love and not know?

      3. Open Rebuke is BETTER than secret love.

Keen to judge; to place the many acts of sin in a hierarchical pyramid categorising and distinguishing them between worst and best. As if that’s even possible. Sin is sin. Whether that be homosexual tendencies, thoughts or acts even gossip is classed on the same level; for we all have been engrafted, shaped and formed in the iniquity of sin. If you cannot speak good about your brother or sister, it’s sin. If you don’t have self-control in the amount of food your body intakes to now be considered a gluton; it’s sin. If your mouth constantly carries other people’s business’ ready to pass onto another; you’re a gossiper and that is sin.

4. If you talk a lot, you are sure to sin; if you are wise, you will keep quiet.

But no. We are quick to mention the fornicators forgetting all the rest. Why? Abrupt to say which persons are going to hell; hasty to expose the wrong but what about the right?

We have forgotten the message, love and example of Christ.Serve-

You want to know why young people are more drawn to the things of the world than the church? It’s because people on the streets keep it real. Drug dealers and prostitutes; whoremongers, fornicators and partiers are more genuine and honest than a Christian. There is an attraction to alchohol, parties and raves that reel young people in. You could even give them short notice and they’d still show up. The same marketing mechanism is not in the Church and I don’t know why. It’s a shame for as Christians, we have so much more because we have Christ yet we show the world that we have nothing they’d need.

The stigma surrounded around ‘Christians’ is so abnormal, I contemplate whether to tick that box on the ‘diversity questions section’ in application forms.

“Christians are too judgemental” “Christians have no manners” “Christians are not fun” “Christians are boring” “Christians don’t go out” “Christians have no life” “Christians are…”

Not what anyone outside wants to be. Yet with Christ, when he walked the streets, had a multitude of followers who all looked up to Him and wanted to be thus alike.

To the Youth,

Don’t base your faith on the adults nor your parents. They cannot save you.

5. Work out your own faith with fear and trembling.

This walk is an individual one; it’s not the same for you and me. It’s different and respective to the individual. We do things in our own time.

Live life, experience it all and when you’re ready; come back home. But don’t sleep with the devil during the week and entice God on a Sunday. Don’t do both because you’re only playing with fire. Acting a drunkard at parties and engaging in sexual activities with another but yet attend church on a Sunday and expect to be ‘saved’. Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. If you’re going to live in sin, stay in sin but if you’re going to live in Christ? Make sure, that’s all you’re doing. It’s hard but you cannot be luke-warm. We already know how God feels about that.

6. You cannot serve two masters. For either you will love one or hate the other.

Now, I’m not talking about temptation or strongholds. I’m talking about the heart. How many times are you going to apologise about the same thing? The same thing you repented for last month, you’re saying sorry for again? When does it end?

As I write, I speak to myself also.

Attending service and youth meetings to please others is pointless, praying and reading your bible to keep your parents at bay is null and void; do it because you want to, because you feel to. Doing it because you’re forced? One day, you will just rebel.

Church? Save the youth, otherwise there will be no Church in the future.


From a lost, broken sister…

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