Daddy? It’s Your Turn

How can I describe my Dad? Words are not enough to explain the love I have for him. He’s more than a dad to me. He’s the definition of humble, faithful, honest and a man. He is my expectation and mirror of a husband; if he doesn’t act like my dad, he’s not the one. After the example, teaching and correction of His Heavenly Father, he then becomes my Father.

I can adopt a selfish attitude in terms of my dad because he’s mine. But other than that, let me paint a picture of my “daddy”…

He goes above and beyond expectations; everything that is required of him, he labors until the rest is done. What he doesn’t need to do, he will do with a humble smile on his face knowing that His Father will reward him for what’s done in secret and goes unnoticed.

My Dad father’s 6 children; each offspring different in their own right but alike because of the similar traits we all attained from our dad. By the sweat of his brow and the exercise of his bodily weight, he struggles and toils throughout the day to provide for the extension of his life; his family. It’s fair to say that without the prevailing spirit and character of “My Daddy”; the family you see every week on a Sunday wouldn’t be the same.

My Dad wakes up at 4am and travels to a place of work that pays very little for the excessive grind he puts up with because of the dangers his family would be in, if he was to quit. He works to be just over broke because even that little proves to be of much difference in the maintenance of his family. That’s my dad. He’s always thinking of others before himself. At times when I’m feeling lazy and unbothered to travel home via public transport; my dad is always one phone call away and with a bit of prying; my dad will come for me.

My dad has disciplined each of his children and not only raised them in the way of the Lord, but also on the path of respect and humility. I remember the rod, the belt, the slipper and the fist that was accompanied by a raised voice and aggressive tone and I thank God for every correction I received out of love, by the initiative of my dad because without it; I’d know not the distinction between right and wrong.

24 hours in a day, 7 days a week; the same amount of time that everyone gets but uses the excuse of “I don’t have time” to get out of doing more than they want to. I included. Yet that same time, my dad will find a moment within there to encourage a brother or a sister; drive to church to make sure service, Bible Studies or Bible School is set up, assist his wife in the early mornings or late evenings in cleaning the church before we all arrive; leave his daily work just to further labour in & for the church, arriving back home at a time that the only appropriate thing to do is sleep because of exhaustion; a time when his children have all gone to bed and therefore, gone a whole day without conversing with their Father. 7 days a week, one way or another; my Dad is in church. He does what he doesn’t have to. Why?

Because that’s my Dad.

When he doesn’t agree, you’ll know (that’s probably where I get it from). When he’s annoyed, you’ll see. When he’s happy, you’ll realise. When he’s moved, you’ll notice. He wears everything on his face; a place that is not easy to overlook and ignore.

He doesn’t do anything for an applause of man but for the Audience of One. He does it because his character is of one that doesn’t want to let anybody down. Even at times, when his Neck of Support (His Wife; My Mother) advises him that he is doing too much; in all humility and love will still remain strong and keep a brave face.

Before he was Uncle Wayne, he was my dad. With phrases coined by his persona such as “take time, take time” or “that’s scripture, that’s bible”; my dad is honoured and respected by those who have seen the fruits of his labour.

Just imagine how it felt on my dad when we was evicted or when they pushed us to the isolated land of Lewisham so far away from our civilization and places of familiarity. Having to travel back and forth daily to Croydon. Can you picture it?

He’s at a stage in his life where he should be slowing down but yet it seems like he’s doing the opposite.

That’s why I am so passionate about my hobby on the side, why I go to work, why I graduated, why I have so much dreams and plans because I refuse to have my parents working longer than they’ve lived. For all they have done, I just want them to rest now. I work for me and my family. God didn’t make us a family of 8 for no reason and I believe, greater is ahead.

Don’t worry Daddy. I know you see all the other families flourishing and you’re wondering when our time will be. When will our breakthrough come; all those years and countless numbers of prophesies spoken in to my life and how many years later; still waiting.

But I encourage you daddy, to continue. I don’t ask you to do anything else but to continue as I implore Our Heavenly Father who art thou in Heaven to see your labour and the fruitful seeds that you have planted and shower rain down on it so that it may flourish. And when He does this, you will know and then I’ll say to you…

Daddy it’s your turn!

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