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My Bio

I was born in Thornton Heath in 1993; a little area in the south of London. Born into a family of 8 by the same parents, I have two sisters and 3 brothers. I was a good child to say the least with a little fire in her. I always had a passion for writing and singing; those were my babies. I started off singing when I was 6 years old in the church choir and I’ve been singing ever since. Music motivates me, it drives me and it encourages me; it is literally my safe haven. Writing became a thing for me when I knew that I could use it as a tool to express what words couldn’t. And that was when I was in Year 3 of primary school and again, since then; writing has governed my life and steps.

I went through to Secondary School, College and university; I didn’t think I was going to make it so far but thank God that I did. I have a degree in BSc Media & Communications and have used the tools and all that I have learnt on this course in order to set up my own business and help other businesses who require this skill.

I have written two books in the space of a year and I am currently in the process of writing another one. It is my desire to become an internationally recognized author, a global award winning author and to one day, have one of my books become a film.

All in all, it is my dream to be able to provide for my family and give back to my parents who, after having raised six children, deserve nothing less than success, financial freedom and happiness.

I still live in the area of Croydon but would love to travel the world and see new places in the near future. Who knows? Maybe soon, I’ll even be married and expecting my first child.

And this is me.

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